Lid snaps into place and does not come off.
Port lid can be open, close or lock & seal.
Force resistant construction.
Available in 18 or 12 gallon.
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The Safe Keeper storage vault is designed for long term storage. The vault is hermetically sealed and was originally designed for the medical industry.  

The lid is designed to snap onto the base  and not come off.  Once the flat lid is snapped onto the base the first hermetic seal is engaged. In the flat lid there is a round port lid with three settings; open, close and lock & seal. The open and close settings allow the vault to be used as a regular storage container that can be opened and closed at will. The lock & seal setting is designed for long term storage. At this point the vault can only be opened in case of emergency and will require the vault to be cut open. The vault can be stored anywhere from pantries to cellars and even underground. It is ideal for storing almost anything from foods to medicines and even arms. For arms storage we recommend the use of a rust proof bag as an added caution.
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