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EEZY-GRO Planter
Available in multiple sizes and colors, the EEZY-GRO Planter takes the guess work out of watering plants.  

The poly-cotton wick inside the planter draws water up from the reservoir to maintain plant soil moisture.  
S Series Planter
A contemporary and stylish planter, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  Available in 6, 8, 10 or 12" sizes and in multiple colors.  

​3730 Wheeler Avenue, Forth Smith, AR 72901  |  800.337.2885

Standard colors include Green, Mocha, Terra Cotta, Pearl White, Black and Driftwood. 

 Special order colors include Olive, Cabernet, Margarita, Tangerine, Yellow and Turquoise.

  Please contact us to discuss special orders.  
We make plant care easy with our line of deck & EEZY-GRO Planters