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kosmo coolers was invented by an elementary Physical Education Teacher and Summer Day Camp Instructor in NW Arkansas, who became frustrated at the fact that coolers could not work independently on their own. In order for the ordinary cooler to work you need a table to set it on. After an outing to a local state park where he did not have access to tables or anything else to place the cooler on, he became frustrated and vowed to make a cooler that would be an independent operating system. The kosmo cooler is an independent operating system that can work either as a table top drink dispenser or as a stand alone drink dispenser. Why would you by anything else?

The original prototypes and samples were developed in China, but due to increased shipping costs the project moved to the USA.  kosmo coolers  made contact with an Arkansas injection molder, River Bend Industries. River Bend Industries was able to manufacture the coolers at the right price and is now partnered with kosmo coolers. 

This just proves that things can still be made for a better price in the USA.
Safe Keeper
Originally designed for the medical industry, the Safe Keeper storage vault has crossed over into the consumer market.  The Safe Keeper is designed for long term storage and is perfect for emergency supplies or pantry storage.  

Hospitec is a division of Quantum Plastics 
Apollo EEZY-GRO Planter
​The Apollo Plastics EEZY-GRO line of planters offers a unique variety of flower and vegetable products.  The EEZY-GRO line takes the guess work out of when to water with its self-watering capabilities.  Also included in the line are deck and railing boxes.