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The Translock System is an innovative devise engineered to provide stability, safety, independence and peace of mind to wheelchair users and caregivers.   Perfect for home or any managed care facility, the Translock can reduce fall incident rates, decrease liability and costs and improve safety for residents and staff.  
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The Translock is a durable, lightweight and easy to use latching devise offering cross functionality in wheelchair transfer users.
The Translock offers stability and independence in daily living.
Comprised of metal and durable resin, the bed attachment is compatible with standard metal bedframes.  
The wheelchair is simply pulled alongside the bed where the clamp is latched to the lock pin.  
​The wheelchair attachment clamp easily connects to the front caster housing of most manual wheelchairs.  The Translock sleeve is designed to pivot, allowing the user to leave in place for use or rest inside the width of the chair wheels to prevent bumps and snags while the chair is in motion.  
Designed to fit most standard bowls, the toilet attachment is made with a metal bracket that lays over the toilet rim. Composed of resin and metal the attachment is durable, strong and sanitary.  
The Translock System is a natural application in the following environments:
Residential Homes        Nursing Homes        Hospitals        Assisted Living Facilities        Hotels        Clinics
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